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how to be the woman of substance

I am still in deep sadness, numbness and restlessness after watching the BBC’S Documentary on “India’s Daughter“. I know many of you are feeling the same outburst of anger and hatred and all you want to do is burn some beliefs and strangle those men. The whole confrontation with guilty less, shameless, raw dirty truth about the December 16, 2012 rape case and unshakable opinions about women have caused you to feel ashamed of this society, this culture and this country in general. Some of you are even quite okay with the reality because you made peace with the existence of this ugliness long back and you are in search of reforms and resolutions. You are criticizing the documentary for its emotional presentation without any substantial damage controlling, transformative, result-oriented approach.

Nonetheless, I know it is hard to digest that the world out there is wild, literally. Everyone is on a hunt of some kind. Some are hunting for money and success while putting others down, some are hunting for attention demeaning themselves and mostly people are hunting for validation and approval in whatever form they can. In this male-dominated setting, women need to really come forward and own their lives instead of falling prey to domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, giving up on their dreams, not daring to live and keeping their freedom dormant.

Women need to take their power back instead of fighting, struggling or hustling. You need to own your feminine energy and embrace every ounce of it. This WOMEN’S DAY, we need to stop getting embarrassed or ashamed by what the country is projecting. I felt shivers in my body and I have been afraid of being a girl in this day and age. YES! I was blown away with this face-off and I promise myself to work on it and protect my creative energy rather than waiting for the government to protect me. I promise myself to be a “Woman of substance” in all aspects of living life meaningfully and happily with safety.

[ctt title=”A Woman of Substance is not just a lady who is successful in her career with dignity but a woman who maintains her boundaries emotionally, physically and psychologically” tweet=”A “Woman of Substance” is not just a lady who is successful in her career with dignity but a woman who maintains her boundaries emotionally, physically and psychologically.” coverup=”enlNb”] A woman who knows when to let others in and when to close the doors. When to say yes and when to say no even if it means saying NO a million times in zillion ways. A woman of strength, courage, an epitome of power, greatness, expression and vulnerability. I say vulnerability because there is no harm in being vulnerable in the right situation with the right person. Vulnerability is not a way to allow anyone to overpower you but it is a brave act of wearing your heart on sleeves and being a woman of substance exemplifies that you salute every fragment of your essence without getting swayed away. You can check this post on how being vulnerable is not that bad. Let’s now uncover some aspects  –


Always set boundaries to what you want and what you don’t. How you want someone to touch you and how you want to be loved. Set firm guidelines as to how you wish to be treated physically, in whose presence you want to be and get over your default unacceptance to your body, size, color and assets. Get your body image right in your mind’s eye and stop giving away your physical beauty for a mere validation of a few weeks. Know you are worthy and your enchanting radiance is unmatched. You should decide whose energetic vibes you want to permit and who needs to be taken out of sight.


We are emotional creatures, like crazy emotional. But to be a “Woman of Substance” we need to stop swinging at every call of tear and send that ex-boyfriend a message or get influenced by criticism and lack of empathy. We need to understand that emotions are important but responding to every emotion is not. We need to know what works in our favor and what doesn’t. We need to recognize who is emotionally available for us and who is not and with whom we can share this space of emotions without getting judged or gossiped about. Follow your heart, intuition and be organic vulnerable when you need to.. but bounce back with strength and courage. Start working on taming yourself and controlling your emotions before they become the boss of your life.


A “Woman of Substance” is smart, ambitious, works on her purpose, lives her values and is very interesting with all her quirks and imperfections, She is psychologically sound and loves her self and is wise enough to be authentic. She isn’t running down with ego, fabrication or is a victim of low self-esteem and inferiority. She is kind, encapsulates her talent and potential, humble and quick to be blunt, straightforward when required. She stands for truth, forms beliefs with an open mindset and is always quick to learn new things. She has her own individuality, an attitude of gratitude and perception of right optimism. (check this post on positive thinking) Handle your situations with stability, long term-goals, forgiveness and be responsible for your own self more than anything else.


Being a woman in this culture surrounded with sick mentality can get scary but the only one person who can still walk around with head high and chin up is YOU intact with all your power. You have to feel confident in your body, know your physical boundaries, have strength to fight – yes and that means know some kickboxing or general self defense tactics. Guard your emotions from making you pursue things you don’t want to do in the first place and work on your true purpose and individuality in life and never forget to dream a little more. Give yourself some time to work on your boundaries and celebrate little wins as you go along. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!! I SALUTE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU AIM AT BECOMING.

 Leaving you with an amazing composition from the band Naked Raga by Rajat Kalra. 

P.S. Come and join many others with #NamasteHappiness hashtag, share with me what keeps you happy with creative pictures and miracle mantras for life you follow all week long and I will give a shout out to the best ones every SUNDAY to multiply happiness. 

namaste hapiness



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