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Tips On Mindful Healthy Living | World Health Day

Tips On Mindful Healthy Living | World Health Day


World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April every year to mark the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948. It is celebrated as a global Health Awareness Day and is seen as an opportunity by the organization to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health. Today on the blog I would like to walk you through a few tips and tools to live a healthy life mindfully for your body, mind and spirit because as WHO defines it, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


They say your body is your temple, it is an instrument and extension of love. Taking care of yourself, feeding it right and respecting it is hence your responsibility. Making mindful healthy living your priority can be achieved by creating radical changes in your lifestyle and introducing simple and subtle shifts.

  • Practice Movement

Your body is meant to move. Movement is an essential component that keeps you healthy, active and mindful. All our emotions and feelings are stuck in our body and when we move, we create a space to release them, free ourselves and bring more joy. Indulge in any of the physical activity daily to detoxify cells and add more energy. You can choose either a rigorous form of exercise like gymming, running or slow practice of yoga, tai-chi, dance or walking to balance your hormones and feel better. Having an active lifestyle with daily acts of karma and working towards your dreams and desires will keep the momentum of living life dynamically.

  • Self-care

By caring for your body with right healthy food and nutrition, pampering it with self-love and having more fun can enhance your being. If you have any unhealthy condition that you are dealing with, make sure you are keeping a constant check with regular tests and prescribed medications, for your reference here is a list of Diagnostic Imaging In Delhi. Mindful health changes are not about denying the needs or suppressing the cause, it is about knowing the state, creating more awareness and making improvements for a better condition. Give your body enough sleep, relaxation and regularly monitor it under medical or health experts. Eat your food mindfully, chew every bite and savor it with right proportions and ensure the intake of all the nutritional value your body needs.



Your mind is very powerful. We perceive the world from our own internal filters and assumptions and create beliefs and self image based upon it. Having a healthy and sound mind can be achieved by silence and self-control and here are few tools to successfully do so:

  • Positive Inner Dialogue

There is a story inside your head that dictates the way you live your life, react to people and situations and defines the attitude you carry around. If you are always repeating to yourself “I am fat” “I am ugly”, how can you create a healthy life or enjoy and respect yourself. You will always be in a state of self-rejection. You will deny your body, its requirements and you may harm it in the desperate need of achieving that slim, trim self image. Whenever you tread to create healthy changes in your daily routine, make sure to accompany them with good thoughts and positive affirmations in the mind. You may not be able to drastically see the improvements but if you can fix it in your mind and feel good about yourself, things will start falling in place instead of hopping on to a guilt trip.

  • Unplug From Technology

Mindfulness is here in the NOW but when we are distracted by technology, fancy phones, facebook notifications and what not; we cannot ever come into presence and live it attentively. Time and again make an effort to shun away from all this internet noise and spend quality moments with yourself. This is an important step to de-clutter your brain from all the negative vibes, comparison curses and unclear goals and enjoy the silence to encounter your authentic loving voice.

  • Meditate

There are scientific studies that relate meditation with the health and well-being of your body. Facts have been laid down that when you meditate you restructure your brain, increase positive emotions, decrease stress and depression, enhance emotional intelligence and gain clarity and creativity. Meditation is all about focusing on your breath and bringing your complete attention to the moment. You don’t have to necessarily relate meditation to a holy practice, it is a great tool for mind control and well-being. If sitting in meditation makes you anxious, try washing dishes meditation, gibberish meditation, walking or just dancing meditation.


Health is not just about your body or mind, it is essential for your soul too! If you may ask me how then here is an example: When you are in a constant struggle of feeling the pain because someone else did wrong to you or hurt you, you think to yourself how you hate them and how bad life is while creating a loop of negativity in your mind. You curse them and close your heart so nobody else can come and give you pain but internally you are fighting this harsh battle of regrets, guilt and ego. Your loving voice shuts down and all your dominant thoughts are about all the things that are worse or can get worse in your life which then have the possibility to manifest in the form of stress, disease, high blood pressure, psychological issues, emotional instability and other illnesses.

  • Be Grateful

Gratitude is medicine. It is an act and attitude to feel happy, alive, positive and kind. If you view your life as a gift then you enjoy every moment and feel the blessings. You do everything with good intentions and take everything positively, you create opportunities out of obstacles and accept people and situations as they are. It has been noticed that people who maintain a gratitude journal are more healthier, peaceful and have a greater sense of control over their emotions and their life situations.

  • Forgiveness

When you forgive others you do yourself a big favor. Forgiveness is not about them, it is about us. It is about freeing ourselves from the prison of emotional poison and negative behavior. [ctt tweet=”Forgiveness is a kind practice of coming back to your loving essence and looking at life from the eyes of a victor and not a victim”]If you have anyone who has done wrong to you, forgive them and allow yourself to embrace the beauty of life. Forgiveness is a therapy to ease down the chaos of your mind, it has also helped people overcome major life threatening diseases and problems because these physical issues stem from the deep root of self-rejection, fear, regrets and denial. Forgive yourself and others to really live a happy and healthy life without being a slave of anything remotely negative or defeatist.

On this World Health Day, Hope you take proper care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually and do it all mindfully.

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