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Too Good To Be True | Here is your pack of Healthy Chips – Terra Chips!

Too Good To Be True | Here is your pack of Healthy Chips – Terra Chips!

Move over your regular potato chips and give Terra chips a try! Terra Chips are your exotic vegetable chips that are a feast for your eyes and delight for your taste buds.

Snacking is undoubtedly one of our favorite things to do, we can snack anytime and anywhere; be it in the evening or midnight. We love pulling out a big bag of crispy chips and a tumblr of diet coke as we entertain and drown ourselves into the day or a famous television series. But most of us are aware of the many unhealthy consequences of doing just that. And as the Indian market is progressing, there are tons of options available to switch to healthy alternatives but you rarely find a tasty rescue. We often think healthy isn’t delicious but Terra Chips is here to prove you wrong!

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Terra chips come in a beautiful, sophisticated and classy packaging that is sure to entice you with its look. The black bag with its amazingly great visuals and healthy words written all over it will coerce you to grab it and give it a good munch. The look says it all and am already all for it!

Healthy Quotient 

Terra Chips are gluten free, NON GMO certified which means the ingredients used in making are grown from non genetically modified seeds, they are not baked but the oil used for frying is expeller pressed oil, which is chemical-free mechanically extracted oil, similar to cold pressed oils, they only use canola or sunflower oil, there are no artificial sweeteners added, Sea salt is used for seasoning, which is low on sodium.

Taste Quotient

They have a great texture, flavor and taste and you won’t consider them as healthy chips at one go but they are far better than your regular choices!


Terra Chips come in a variety of flavors breaking them under exotic vegetable chips and sweet potato chips. You can get the list on their website here.

Who Should pick them? 

If you are looking to watch your weight or reduce calories intake then may be you should stick to a limited diet of fruits as snacks but if you are someone who loves to munch on and you are okay to try a reduced unhealthy option with low sodium intake then definitely pick the pack once in a while. Fitness is a lifestyle and you have to make everyday choices but sometimes it’s okay to give your taste buds a little healthy alternative!


INR 395 for 141 gm

Where to buy?

Buy the gourmet snacks at retail or online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket.

Anything else?

Terra Chips support Seed Savers Exchange, a not for profit organization that encourages the cultivation of heirloom plant varieties to conserve the genetic diversity of our food crops.

They do contain calories and fat but are low on sodium. You cannot expect them to replace with vegetables but they are better than other potato chips available in the market.

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