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Top 3 Rides At Universal Studios Singapore Worth Your Money!

Top 3 Rides At Universal Studios Singapore Worth Your Money!

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the best touristic attractions of the island, featuring 24 rides, various shows, themed zones and countless activities all under one sky. It is quite a popular spot for kids and as well as for adults. You can visit this crazy-ass theme park and experience an impressive hurricane of entertainment. All you need is a day full of enthusiasm, great company and an express pass to enjoy the best of this popular park in South East Asia.

Personal Tip – Book your tickets online for a 10-20% discount and choose to go for the Universal Express Unlimited Pass to enjoy the rides without standing in long queues. Yes, the Universal Express Pass is a tad bit expensive than a regular ticket but the time and energy it will save you is totally worth it. And if you live in Singapore then don’t hesitate to book a season pass/annual pass because a single trip to the Universal Studios Singapore isn’t enough! (Just Saying) 

Now, let’s get straight to the top 3 rides at Universal Studios you shouldn’t miss and are worth your money – 

Battlestar Galactica Human vs. Cylon

Universal Studios Singapore

The first ride we experienced was this wild roller coaster with a blue inverted coaster representing the Cylons and the seated red coaster representing the Humans. Its a dual roller coaster meant for the brave heart. The Cylon coaster has various inversions, including a cool loop that takes you below ground level through a thick mist and Human coaster has no inversions but you will experience high speed stomach lurching drops and turns. I can say it is one of the craziest ride at the Studios! If you have an adventurous bent, a healthy body and you crave adrenaline then this is a must try!

Transformers – The Ride

Universal Studios Singapore

In the world of virtual reality, this 3D experience is quite enthralling and something you shouldn’t miss at all. We did this ride three times because it was so so so good! This ride is close to being in the Transformer’s movie scene where you don 3D glasses and ride through the excitement of gruesome action. It’s a fun filled ride suitable for all!

Revenge Of The Mummy

Another ride that you would want to experience again and again is the Revenge of The Mummy where you set off in your jeep through an ancient Egyptian tomb in search of The Book of the Living and are taken through various scenes before being thrown onto a surprisingly intense roller coaster. I personally loved it so much that I smiled like a happy kid throughout the ride! Totally worth the money 😀

These were my top 3 rides of the park in the first visit but you can experience a lot more! Located in Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore is accessible my Metro (Harbourfront Station), Taxi (Book Grab or Standard Taxi) and Cable Car (to enjoy views). Additional notes to remember is to wear comfortable clothes, carry an easy light-weight bag, keep your spirits high and heart filled with electrifying energy!



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