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Top 5 Natural & Organic Beauty Stores At Select CITYWALK

Top 5 Natural & Organic Beauty Stores At Select CITYWALK

Being in the feminine energy we all love to embrace our beauty, indulge in grateful self-love and enhance our way of being. Beauty products to  a great extent allow us to feel good and amplify our already existing qualities. They help us to highlight our pretty image and infuse a feeling of working towards our bodies. When it comes to choosing between the usual products and natural ones, I always opt for the not so toxic products with organic qualities. The natural products not only are good for your skin but they are also earth-friendly. When you use a lot of chemicals on your body, you are obviously exposing it to irritation, side-effects and many other nasty allergies and reactions. But with natural organic products, you can be assured of less problematic situations to deal with.

Every-time, I walk into Select CITYWALK, one of my favorite destinations to hang out. I see a great variety of cosmetic brands and beauty product outlets. There is an extraordinary experience waiting for you in every single store with welcoming salespersons and different offers. In this blog I am listing down five of my preferred all natural, all herbal and Ayurvedic range of stores you can check out whenever in Select CITYWALK, Saket, New Delhi –


1. Forest Essentials

Changing the course of beauty with innovative formulas created with exotic ingredients, bridging the cultural past and ancient traditions to evolving technology; Forest Essentials is your luxurious line of effective products. Located on the ground floor of Select CITYWALK, this outlet reflects beauty, tradition and Ayurveda with its mirrored store and classy chandeliers embodied in a beautiful space of therapeutic importance. The name Forest Essentials comes from the fact that all ingredients are sourced from plants, trees and herbs naturally grown in forests. This brand is truly reviving the old recipes to produce high standard natural beauty products with pure and divine components.

2. L’occitane 

Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean cultures, Olivier Baussan developed skincare products and fragrances that were natural and authentic, effective and deliciously appealing. L’occitane brings together the principles of well-being, phytotherapy and aromatherapy with intensive research and innovative technology. L’occitane  is a socially responsible company, committed to limiting the impact of its actions and products on the environment. They offer the very best of natural and certified organic products!


3. Inatur

Inatur comprises of a range of skin care, hair care and personal care products that are safe on your skin and create long lasting effective results. They have 100% natural, 100% herbal and 100% safe ingredients! Their store is also on the ground floor around the exit gate. I happened to discover them last week only and I was surprised to come across such a great range with affordable prices. Their philosophy of “Cleanliness is godliness” and “Healthy skin is happy skin” coerces them to produce high quality, honest and ethical essential beauty products.

4. The Body Shop

I personally love The Body Shop, because they have such a beautiful variety of products constituting amazing elements that feels great on your skin with pretty pleasing fragrances. They strive to use planet’s resources wisely and form products with different features. They also support community fair trade program. Their store in Select CITYWALK offers you a vibrant experience with magnificent range that will keep your skin radiant and loved. Right now I am loving their recently launched Body Sorbets that comes in three mouth-watering flavors. My favorite is the Moringa one!


5. Shahnaz Husain 

Started in the 1970’s Shahnaz Hussain is a renowned name when it comes to herbal beauty products. It is India’s leading company that provides integrated ayurvedic care and cure. The group has a lot of retails stores across the globe which provides specialized anti-ageing and natural beauty treatments. They have over 350 products in different categories made from ingredients that captures the benefits of year old ayurvedic knowledge. They have a couple of outlets in Select CITYWALK on the ground floor only!

Make your natural beauty come alive with these lovely offerings at a destination that allows you to experience everything. You can find all sorts of cosmetics at Select CITYWALK but when you go organic, you choose wisely for your skin and embrace yourself fully with the essentials of nature! 




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