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Transforming Dental Care – Apollo White Dental Spa, New Delhi| Review

Transforming Dental Care – Apollo White Dental Spa, New Delhi| Review

Since childhood, we despise the sight of a dental clinic. The irksome tools, the unflattering procedure, the bland taste and post session problems never allow us to happily show up for a dental check-up. But recently I discovered Apollo’s first ever Dental Spa in the country which not only support great modern technology for that comfortable and effortless process but have various services like pedicure and manicure for a wonderful experience. I visited them last week in Greater Kailash and was awestruck to witness how they are changing the face of a boring dental clinic and welcoming people to take care of themselves with lavish setting and lovely ambiance.

Located on the main road, Apollo White Dental Spa is spacious, colorful, gorgeous and very hygienic. The moment you enter you will not feel like you are visiting a clinic but waiting to fetch some relaxing time. There are expert doctors and sophisticated equipment’s with pretty vibrant chairs to create an aesthetic atmosphere for the patients.

IMG_20151031_174510 My session started with an application form which requested the details of my issues, what am looking forward to and how did I get to know about them. Then I met Dr. Niketa Wadhwa who gave me consultation and treatment, her warmth and humble nature got me at ease. She first examined my mouth and helped me understand what I needed and how are we going to proceed further. She also took pictures and showed me on the LED screen with proper instructions and informative details. I went under scaling and polishing with cavity fillings without any pain or problems. Dr. Niketa kept guiding me and walked me with every step, every instrument and tool she was using in my mouth. It was a very wonderful session that lasted for an hour or so and I felt really good. There are very less doctors who would entertain your doubts and help you comprehend the terms in a layman’s language. Dr. Niketa was one such doctor who not only highlighted my concerns but suggested me easy tips and resources I can opt for. And yes there were post session pictures as well for me to discover the results and how to maintain it.

With Dr. Niketa Wadhwa

The whole team of Apollo white dental spa in fact was amiable and kind which undoubtedly makes it a seven star dental spa which is changing our perspective towards dental care. I also liked the fact that you get a complimentary pedicure and manicure along with a massage chair to enjoy with music in the background. You can use this service while waiting for your appointment or let your friend/relative relax while you go for a check-up.


So, definitely if you are looking for a painless experience for your dental care with cutting edge-technology and expensive instruments which will make the process hassle free then check them out.

Contact Details –

Apollo White Dental Spa, R – 45, Greater Kailash – 1, New Delhi – 110048
Phone : 011- 4660 5226 / 8860 666 000 / 8860 777 000 / 8860 888 000
Thank you  Apollo White Dental Spa for partnering in this post.



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