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I Tried Beer Yoga & Here’s Why It’s TOTAL BULLSHIT

I Tried Beer Yoga & Here’s Why It’s TOTAL BULLSHIT

I understand that we are cool kids and we live in a culture where we want everything to be happening, jazzy and kind of out of the world. Therefore, the ancient science of yoga has been moulded into different forms and styles to fit our convenience and time. There is aqua yoga, aerial yoga, power yoga which are all good but BEER YOGA? thats TOTAL bullshit. So, last night, I attended a beer yoga session here in Singapore. It was a yoga flow with an ice cold beer, and a 180 degree sky view which was beautiful and attracted a lot of folks! But I think this whole trend is total bullshit, here’s why –

(You can watch the video if you don’t want to read the post)

Its harmful to your body

There is a basic rule that you have to do yoga on an empty stomach and they dont say it just for the heck of it. When you are moving from one pose to another – you are trying to restructure  your system. There is a contraction and expansion happening and if you have any type of Food in the digestive system it may cause nausea, bloating or gas during practice. But if your stomach is empty and clean, then the energy will be centralised towards the various yogic poses, thus maximizing the outcome and the benefit from your yoga session. If food is in our system while practicing yoga, the different twists and bends may cause various complications in our gastrointestinal tract. We are not even allowed to drink water during the yoga practice unless we are doing it for long hours, forget beer.

It affects your prana

Yoga involves a lot of breathing exercises which we know as pranayama. It is said that pranayama cleanses 72,000 nadis or channels in the body. It helps purify the blood and the respiratory system. The deeper breathing enriches the blood with oxygen. But if you drink beer while doing yoga, you are not cleaning your blood, you are intoxicating it which is not sensible at all. The breath work in Yoga helps in balancing the left and the right brain but if you drink beer while doing the same, you will be left only to balance your body.

Are you worshipping beer?

In the class I attended, what I clearly noticed was that everyone was just focussed on the beer bottle, they were waiting when the trainer would ask them to pick the bottle and take a sip. But what really disgusted me was that they closed the session with a heartfelt namaste with eyes closed and a beer bottle in your hands. So with beer yoga, you are ruining the whole concept of focus on your body to focus on your beer and literally worshipping it.

Marketing gimmick

Beer yoga originated in Germany and made its way to London, Australia, Singapore and now India. But do you know what Germans are famous for? Their beer. So what I feel is this whole craze is just a cheap marketing gig which is using the popularity of yoga and making a fool out of people. Marketing strategies has sold us so many things like fairness creams, organic brands and now they are selling us this. Can we stop buying what everyone is selling, let’s be little sensible folks because this is 2017, ask questions before you buy into anything.

 Its an insult to the discipline for social rebel

Who doesn’t like to rebel? We want to go out of our comfort zones and do things which can increase our social acceptance, which can help us get more likes and comments from our friends and which can increase our social worth overall. But doing beer yoga and promoting it is just an insult to the discipline of yoga for social acceptance. If you want to do yoga and drink beer then please do it separately. Nobody is judging you on that! But do not insult the tradition, yoga is a discipline, a lifestyle, and a sacred practice to raise consciousness, which creates a foundation for something higher. And even if you just consider yoga as an exercise then with any exercise comes a discipline to follow, you don’t insult it or screw its rules in the name of fun.

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