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“Truth Behind The Rainbow” With Vidhi Singh Vaide

“Truth Behind The Rainbow” With Vidhi Singh Vaide

About Vidhi Singh Vaide 

Ms Vidhi Singh Vaide, a young life coach and a budding author who has recently launched her first book Truth Behind The Rainbow, a self help book envisaged to work as a guide and companion to those who seek it. It has been received extremely well with rave reviews from readers and sold over 1000 copies in less than a month since its release. Apart from serving her clients and helping individuals reach their highest potential, Vidhi is a home bird, who enjoys DIY up-cycling projects. “I am a big pet lover and spend a fair bit of time volunteering at shelters and help in organizing supplies and funds”, she says. She also loves traveling and meeting people from different cultures!

Let’s explore more about her journey and the book that promises to unravel the truths!

Congratulations for your newly published book “Truth behind the rainbow”, what inspired you to write it?

Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought I would write a book and have it published. I have always enjoyed writing, but there is a big difference in an article and a whole book. Truth Behind the Rainbow originally stared as a journal when I was laid up in bed after a terrible accident. I had suffered compound fractures to my left leg ( two adjoining bones). The injury was severe and I was unable to walk for over six months. My father, Dr. Deepak Vaide told me to keep myself occupied and to reflect on what I was going through both emotionally and physically. He suggested I write down my emotions and then think about them and discuss if I had any questions. This book is a result of those endless conversations and the research that followed to tie the pieces together and to bridge the gap that most of feel exists between the material and spiritual world.

When I started to recover I realized that I had been given the rare opportunity to share what I had started to learn from this incident. I completed the research with the help of my father and the good people at Laxmi Publications provided their support by putting their faith in me to publish this book. Everything happens for a reason, If it wasn’t for my accident, I would probably never have written and would have been unable to understand my true purpose in life.

Your father has played a very significant role in your journey of transformation, what are some of his characteristics and beliefs you think kept you going?

I look at my father more as a guide or a mentor instead of a parent. He has helped me analyze myself and my responses to situations,which as a life coach now helps me when I am working with people to achieve their personal goals. He has always been ‘the glass is full’ kind of person – half with water and half air. He has a brilliant ability to bounce back from negative situations. He always says, “this happened for a reason, we may not understand the why and how but time will tell that this was for the better.” And it is true, time has always revealed that whatever happens around us is for a reason. His coming into my life, my accident, this book, everything has been there for a reason.

His integrity towards his work, compassion for his patients and an undying desire to help and serve just about anyone who comes to him are the qualities that define him. These are the same qualities and beliefs that I admire greatly and have helped me look at the positive side of every situation, even when times do not seem too favorable. When I was laid up in bed and it seemed like I would never be able to walk again, his conviction that I would be okay gave me the faith and the strength to fight back, to push away the depression that was gripping me and to move towards love and light. I carry that with me everyday. It helps me stay true to myself.

What would be your advice to someone hitting the rock-bottom alone? Can you share any three executable tools that a person can implement without any guidance?

Firstly, you are never alone. We tend to make an assumption that only human interaction will provide us with support. The fact is we all are whole and complete within ourselves. We are a part of this universe and the universal energy is always there for you, for me, for anyone who reaches out for it.

As a result one of our biggest fears as social beings which is loneliness, is baseless! We are never alone, and even if sometimes it may feel like everyone has given up on us. The universe has not.

We tend to make an assumption that only human interaction will provide us with support. The fact is we all are whole and complete within ourselves. We are a part of this universe and the universal energy is always there for you, for me, for anyone who reaches out for it.

The first tool would be the acceptance and understanding that help is always available. Find sometime to connect to the universe, converse with it like you would to a friend. Ask for help, ask for guidance, and believe that help will be provided. Try reconnecting with your hobbies, spend more time in nature, this is when our energy field (Aura) is filled with positivity and it creates an environment open towards receiving all the guidance and gifts the universe has to offer.

The second, try focusing on what is working out in your life instead of what isn’t. We usually start to fixate over the negative and give it a lot of our energy. As a result we deplete ourselves of our personal power and transfer our power to the negative situation/relationship/person. We bog ourselves down to such an extent that it takes over our whole life. So might be you think you have hit rock bottom but in reality you have not. Of course you may be going through a very trying and difficult situation but it may not be the end of the world. So I would say COMPARTMENTALIZE. Focus of what is working out for you and distance yourself from the negativity. Then analyze with an objective view.

Lastly, If you are feeling alienated and are unable to connect with anyone or anything and are unable to make sense of what is going on and feel like your life is spiraling, approach someone like a life coach or a psychologist. Sometimes an outside perspective towards a situation can make all the difference. People who know us are sometimes too close to the problem and more often than not they may be a part of the problem. In such a situation seeking help from someone who is not attached to your situation, but can provide help can be the best thing to do.

You have been coaching people from all spheres, what is the common thread of fear/struggles you think people have and how to overcome it? 

One thing that binds us as a species more than anything is our nature. No matter our age, stature, accomplishments or religious affiliations we all are plagued by similar fears over and over again in our lives. To name a few I think the ones I see most often are :

  • Fear of abandonment
  • Fear of inadequacy
  • Fear of failure

Overcoming these fears cannot be a one or two line answer. These issues are a part of our psychical and mental makeup. Everything from culture, to upbringing, to how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves lead us to manifesting our fears.Truth behind the rainbow dwells on these fears in detail and connects them with the Chakra Theory to help give a more vivid understanding of what we are dealing with at a personal level and how we can overcome these fears with simple tools and tips.

However if I had to put it in a few lines I would say we can not control what is outside. We can only control or change what is inside of us. We usually attract what we fear.

What alternate therapies helped you in your own life and what would be your take on it?

Well, I have learnt Reiki and crystal healing and they both have helped me a great deal in focusing my energies in the right direction. When I was laid up due to my accident it was crystal therapy that jumpstarted my healing process and helped me make a speedy recovery. It is not like I would advocate alternative therapies for all ailments. But yes one thing is for sure, these therapies do evoke a positivity in our energy field which seeps into our bodies. So whatever medication we might or might not be on gets a kick started boost and pushes us towards health.

Please throw some light on the power of positive affirmations and self-talk?

As I said before we manifest what we project. Positive thoughts manifest just like their negative counter parts. So when we think positively we are creating a harmonious energy around us that attracts positive people, situations and opportunities.

So close your eyes and visualize yourself already having achieved what you feel you want and deserve in the near future. By doing so you createan energyfield around you that will attract you be at the right place and the right time and meet the right people.

However, there is one thing to bear in mind. Don’t have pre conceived ideas and notions. Don’t think that whatever you are wishing for is the best you can have. Might be the universe has something else planned for you and it is imperative that you believe it is for your highest good.

According to you, what is the purpose of life?

For me, the purpose of life is to UNLEARN and then RELEARN. I know that sounds very cryptic but in fact it is extremely simple. Due to our socialization we are all conditioned in a certain way. We are taught things since we are children and we carry on these attitudes and fixed ideas into our adult lives. Some help us while others harm us. When we open our minds to UNLEARNING we accept that we have flaws, and we are willing to let go of our negative attitudes that are holding us back. With this acknowledgement comes the first step towards identifying what all we need to let go and then we start learning again. But this time we learn a new set of attitudes and behaviors that wont hinder us rather they will help us achieve our personal and professional goals. So the purpose of life according to me will always be the attainment of knowledge for self and societal betterment.

What are your daily rituals for living an inspired life?

Wake up and be grateful for this day. Look at all those people/things that make you happy and be grateful for how blessed you are. I wake up to my fur babies, they are most unconditional in their affections towards me. I look at their faces first thing in the morning and it instantly brings a smile to my face. I acknowledge how grateful I am for them, my family, my home. To all those I love who are kind enough to love me back. We tend to take those we love the most for granted. It is essential to make these individuals who we love and respect feel important. So every now and then I like to thank the people in my life with an “I love you or thank you for being there.”

After my good morning ritual with my babies I walk out of my room and head straight towards the sun. Going into the open with sunlight falling on my face, I close my eyes and ask for the suns light to guide me through my day. I self- affirm – ‘ May I be able to light up from the inside out and be my own power source. The sun teaches us so much about being self-contained and self-less. It needs nothing and no one to burn bright and spread light and life. I then go on to meditate for 20 minutes or so in which I do my Chakra Balancing meditation ( Ref: Truth Behind the Rainbow)and follow it up by asking the universe for the highest good for all.

This is how I start my day, and tell myself that who ever I meet today if I am able to help ease out their pain or help them in any way possible may the universe make me a channel to help me to do so.

What should readers expect from “Truth behind the rainbow” and from where to buy it?

Truth behind the rainbow is not my story, It is everyones. So expect to see yourself in the book. Expect to see your sister, your brother, your friend. Truth behind the rainbow is reality, that is unashamed of itself. Isn’t that what truth is? Unabashed, unapologetic.

If you know that you are struggling with some issues and don’t just want to know the problem but actually have a practical solution to help yourself and those you love, then this is the book for you. It is like a pocket guide to understanding life. It helps you UNLEARN so you can learn again.

You can buy the book from Here!

Author Vidhi Singh Vaide is also the founder of



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