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This Valentine “Worship” Yourself

This Valentine “Worship” Yourself

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Valentine’s day is a perfect reminder for our crazy selves to sit back, relax, shower love to others and feel good and appreciate our own light of being. It is one of those beautiful times that takes us to past stories of romantic affairs and glorious moments of surrendered nesting care. It brings us alive to the present willingness of revealing graceful love to our near and dear ones. But sometimes I understand it gets daunting because of the not so happy impressions and cracked relationship patterns but nonetheless it engulfs us in the vibe and presence of all things magnificently revolving around the big heart red in color.

If you are in a relationship and you plan to celebrate this grand event with something ultra special you must check  this place out that will help you create and recreate yourself along with your lovely relationship. It will take you to an amazing experience of worshiping yourself first and indulging in self care as you elevate your relationship with your partner.

There is nothing more romantic and alluring than a massage session for that perfect date night. And Worship Salon and Gentleman’s Tonic has got your back with their special offering of “Velvet Valentine” package.

I have personally visited them and experienced their offerings. They have taken the typical salon encounter to an extraordinary international classy affair. Situated in the most amazing part of Delhi, they celebrate you and intends to provide you with luxurious services at an affordable rate. 

worship salon delhi

Their “Velvet Valentine” package is a menu of splendid offers for you and your loved one in the lavish mall of DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj. The list of services include –

  • Worship Signature Oil Drench Massage
  • Blow Dry For Women & Hair Styling For Men
  • Express Facials
  • Express Manicure

Ambiance – Worship Salon & Gentleman’s Tonic are two divisions that came together a year ago and have been running their signature offerings together. The moment you enter you will find yourself walking like a queen because the vibe of the place will change your gait. Their interiors are so inviting yet undertone and classy in their manner. You will see lovely picture hangings, massive chandeliers, beautiful wallpapers and you will encounter aromatic spacious massage rooms  and a different set of stylish welcome for hair styling needs. The black curtains, the vintage vibe mixed with the modern status and minimalist design will completely settle you for an out-of the country feel.


Service – They have a huge menu for you to feel good about yourself. Gentleman’s tonic is a 10 years old renowned men’s only brand that is in the business of providing ‘self-confidence for gentlemen’ with presence in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Moscow. They have collaborated to give you a unique experience of loving yourself a bit more.

The staff is trained under international experts, and I found them really polite and helpful. They will take care of all your needs and provide you with exactly what you desire and look forward to.  With such a variety I am certain you won’t miss on anything.

I got a facial and blow dry done which made me walk out with such a serene energy and calm composure. I loved how hygienic the place was and the wonderful products they used. One of Worship’s USPs is the ‘7 Sinfully You Signature Styles’, which have been inspired by the seven Biblical sins and I am surely going to go back and try one of them.


Do visit them with your loving partner and indulge in a day of romance and beauty because the more you feel good about yourself the more loving and beautiful you become for others. 

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Package Price – INR 10,000 + taxes

Location – 401, Third Floor, DLF Emporio

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Worship Yourself In 15 Other Ways


I believe loving yourself and worshiping your needs is a way to a happier life, find below 15 more amazing triggers to pamper yourself this Valentine’s day on your own – 

1. Start by thinking “Valentine’s Day” as a day for YOU

2. Write a love letter to yourself with a thank you note

3. Dress up for yourself and may be wear sequins or your favorite PJ’s

4. Give yourself a bubble bath with scented candles around

5. Don’t live your day online, go out, catch up with friends or go for a blind date

6. Forgive yourself and anyone who has ever hurt you with a balloon ceremony – Take a balloon, think about the pain and get all willing to let them go and as you breathe release the balloon in the air and let it lift all your hurt and heart aches.

7. Claim some space for yourself – read a book, watch a movie, listen to music on your own, buy yourself a gift

8. Go for a self-care date – Go to worship salon or anywhere you wish to and pamper yourself to a pedicure or manicure or a facial

9. Eat erotic foods – Yes, grab some juicy fruits or make yourself a healthy meal and enjoy every single bite

10. Take your pet for a happy walk and do the walking meditation 😀

11. Reflect on your journey and set some new goals and intentions

12. Be happy for others and celebrate their loving relationships because only a goddess can do that 

13. Move your body – play, stretch, do zumba, roll out your yoga mat and just move with the movement

14. Accept your light and make some real rad promises to yourself 

15. Thank and ask for more courage – Yes I am asking you to worship yourself and surrender to god because worshiping is not an act of arrogance and denial of that ultimate power, it is the knowing that you are his source and you are loved and appreciated as you are. Ask for more power, guidance and strength!

Let me know how you are doing it, may be tag me on Instagram and Facebook or twitter and share your picture of how you are worshiping yourself? 

I would love to be a part of your valentine’s day!

Much love




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