By Ruchika Batra

How Being Vulnerable Is Not That Bad!

How Being Vulnerable Is Not That Bad!

When you think of this very fancy English word “Vulnerability” there comes a giant wrap of negative connotation. It says you are exposed, it means being naked of who you are and it makes us very very uncomfortable. It makes us feel tricky in our skin because we have been told and told many a times that vulnerability means weakness, it brings forward a rage of nonacceptance and the fear of being labelled and rejected by others. That is why it’s not often that we become vulnerable and put all about our self and life on the table for people to see. We fear it to death! Don’t we?

Vulnerability is about letting others in to the parts that you hide even from yourself. Its not simple because we live in a very attention seeking economy and we walk around with all these ideas and images of being perfect and having a great life. We don’t want others to see how bad and flawed and imperfect we are. Because we don’t want them to judge and leave! Because we don’t want them to un-follow us on Instagram and Facebook. So we hold ourselves together tightly and only project what the recipient is “okay” to view and enjoy. We tell them how amazing everything is but internally we are just blocking their way to access our real self, our cave of truth.

The real self is not the perfect self, its dark and shallow and sometimes very faulty yet amazing because its real and its fascinating. The real self is our journey. Its how we have evolved and come to this place where we are right now. Vulnerability is about peeling all the layers without a single tear in your eyes. It can only be possible with people who are super close to us. But it’s not bad!

Vulnerability enhances our connection to ourselves most importantly and the people in our world.  When we reject ourselves because of the fear of rejection from others we are playing hide and seek with our being and its not a fair game (because its just about you). Open yourself so that you can see and embrace your wounded parts and talk about them so you can heal them instead of piling it up in a dark place in your life. Allow others to find you where you are hiding. When we share our inner shadows we allow others to come forward and share theirs because we all have it. We all have some good parts and some bad. Bare your soul because….

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” ~Brene Brown

We also think that when we are vulnerable we are protecting ourselves. We are shutting away shame and guilt and from all the dangers and damages that come handy with it. But we forget that in this whole process of closing down we are keeping ourselves into a highly uncomfortable zone. We become conscious, uneasy and tense in our own minds. We are all the time calculating about what to exhibit and what not to. We are in this restlessness of being someone we are not. We are everyday juggling to live up to this facade.

Vulnerable is raw, its scary and strained. It will make you uncomfortable but you know what? You are already in overwrought of not being who you are. Get real people, Get vulnerable so you can hold yourself high up!

Real is sexy and authenticity is what the whole world needs right now! 

How long can you stretch your relationships without being yourself?

For how many days and years you can continue playing this game of “I am Not Me” ?

I know! I know its not easy to reveal-  Hello I am insecure and I am okay with it or I have slept with all the wrong guys or whatever it is you are not ready to accept about yourself.

But you need to do this for your own sake, for the health of your own emotions. You have to confront that yes you were wrong and you committed some nasty things but now you are over it or you are willing to let it go. You have to embrace this present space and give permission for others to love your authentic being. If you want the real and long lasting connection then you have to get vulnerable at times. Because people who care will do it anyway! No one can wound you except for yourself. People only project our inner reflections, if we think they will not accept us we need to first accept ourselves. If you think they will make fun of our scars then we have to stop laughing at our own mistakes, if you think they will judge you then you have to stop judging yourself before you open up.

Allow. Get Vulnerable and Connect Like Never Before.

What makes you vulnerable and WHY? BARE in the comments below!



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