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Watch These 8 Inspiring Movies To Lift Your Spirits Before December’15 Ends!

Watch These 8 Inspiring Movies To Lift Your Spirits Before December’15 Ends!

Movies are fun, romantic, entertaining and have the perfect promise of helping you escape the reality to enjoy a couple of hours. But there are certain movies which can make a huge difference in your life and help you flourish, learn, evolve and alter the attitudes you carry while going about so you don’t have to run away from your problems. There’s one thing we all need in right proportions to manage our circumstances and have that grip on life and that’s “Confidence“. Nobody is born with it, its a skill and art that can be learned and achieved with proper exercise, repetition and self-love. You need to accept yourself and bring confidence from within. Here is a list of Bollywood & Hollywood inspiring movies that can trigger that motivation & lift your spirits as they did for me  –

Inside Out


One of the best movies I have watched in 2015. It can help you decipher how your brain functions, what it grabs from the world, how it accumulates information, forms beliefs and create a certain map of perspectives for you. Watch this movie for a light-hearted inspiring dose which is not going to leave your memory any time soon. It can help you question your own emotions and blueprints about low-self esteem or doubtful impressions you have for yourself.

Peaceful Warrior


A simple yet profound movie that shows you the strength, wisdom and courage that lies within each individual. Its powerful with great lessons and a plot that will keep you entertained and hooked both at the same time. You will learn how to not give up, believe in yourself, live in the present and how gratitude can shift the world for you.



An american drama film with captivating and brilliant performances and breathtaking take on pursuing your passion and motivating yourself to achieve something bigger than who you are in life.



How I love Bradley Cooper, he is super gorgeous and a great artist. His charismatic presence on screen makes this movie all the more interesting for me. The sci-fi concept will blow your mind and you will feel a surge of creative energy and a certain clarity that may help you take back the control and drive your life the way you want to.



Bollywood is all about action, dancing around trees and a lot of drama. I always felt that movies have the power to entertain and inform but we only used it for escapism in our country. This Indian flick is filled with a power packed story and profound messages you would not find somewhere else. The beautiful screenplay and how a girl gains back her self-esteem and stands up for herself rather than drowning to get the approval of her man is amazing to witness.

Begin Again

inspiring movies

Musical, artistic, romantic yet fun, quirky and beautiful. Its a movie I watched months back and fell in love with everything this story had to reveal for me. Here is a complete blog post you can check out for more details – Life Lessons From The Movie Begin Again



If you want to break the rut, find your inner child and bring back that joy your imagination used to stir then watch this bollywood movie “Tamasha” which is sure to leave you with insights that can make you cry. I personally LOVED IT.

The Pursuit Of Happyness



Struggles, lessons, epiphanies and a journey of finding the meaning of happiness with the award-winning actor Will Smith. This movie is a must-watch.

Which one is your favorite inspiring movie? Do share it below! 



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