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Wellness Spot|ePsyclinic at Select CITYWALK

Wellness Spot|ePsyclinic at Select CITYWALK

We often discard the need to practice emotional hygiene and band-aid the wounds of depression, heart-ache, stress, mental trauma or any sort of psychological pain. In our culture we are taught from the very beginning that seeking help from psychologists or psychiatrists will make us crazy, insane and we will be labelled for life as mentally disabled. But the fact is that if you can take care of your body then why can’t you take care of your mind? Its imperative that we become open to solutions and seek guidance when required instead of bottling it up inside our minds and letting those worrisome emotions manifest themselves into physical diseases, as it all starts from there!

I was extremely elated when I spotted a wellness center while shopping in Select CITYWALK and a wide smile appeared on my face. It was a small kiosk kind of a setting with two cubicles inside on the Level one. I knew I had to cover them on the blog and share this one of its kind virtual center with you all. Its great to know that people are bringing more awareness and breaking the myths around the topic of mental or psychological well-being. With the way we all are buzzing with technology and stress and high pace work environments, we really need help to function at our best potential.

You can simply walk into e-psyclinic and get yourself logged in for a session with a psychologist or psychiatrist or any other expert to help heal yourself while they listen to you over skype sessions. Its an easy and great way to use technology for our own benefit. You are assured about confidentiality, private details and a safe and secure environment. You can pour your heart over headphones and let the mentor at the other end hold space for you, listen to you and direct you to change your life.

ePsyclinic receives around 40 patrons everyday  and aims at enhancing people’s lives with their services, specialties and expert guidance. The first 20 minutes of a session are free and then the prices for extended sessions start at Rs 200 for 30 minutes.They will be operating in Select CITYWALK for a period of 11 months and have their own website and online services that you can avail as per your requirement.

You can check them out below and begin a journey of transforming and healing yourself today! I have not personally tried a session yet but I will definitely do it and share my review with you soon.

Facebook , Website, email –

Address – Select City Walk Level-1



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