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Why Spirituality Endorses Vegetarian Diet?

Why Spirituality Endorses Vegetarian Diet?

I was lucky enough to study in a school that taught about spirituality and equipped us with the benefits of having a vegetarian diet. I don’t quite clearly remember all about what was specifically disseminated but for sure I understand that spirituality and being vegetarian go hand in hand. Later in my life during the yoga teacher training program being vegan or organic was very much emphasized. It was transparent that eating meat, flesh or anything unhealthy is not a part of yoga living. As yoga talks about “Saatvik” food which directly affects your body and soul. So, to have a pure and divine lifestyle and connect with your inner joy you need to lead a simple life with simple food habits. Yoga teachers have long lived on uncooked food and have showed the effective healthy effects of following a natural lifestyle. You surely don’t want to be found drunk and perform acts of cruelty and support anything remotely involving brutality. Being a yogi comes with this obvious transformation of controlling your mind, its desires and temptations and promoting peace.

Old sages have always talked about abstaining from torturing animals, killing them or eating them on a platter. I believed for years they were advocating about compassion, non-violence and well-being of all the creatures. But there is more than meets the eye. There lies a great truth of going vegetarian for spiritual transcendence. There is a secret that needs to be unleashed and comprehended as you tread on a path of your spiritual journey. Also, uncover the secret of vegetarianism to achieve higher intelligence and open your creative channels as some of the world’s geniuses and famous personalities were all vegetarians.

Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, Pythagoras, Gandhi, Leonardo di Vinci, Voltaire, Johnny Appleseed, Leo Tolstoy, Franz Kafka and Paul McCartney to name a few.

Reason #1 Your stomach is not a graveyard

When you eat flesh, meat and killed animals and creatures you are automatically converting your stomach into a graveyard. In yoga and spirituality our bodies are considered to be temples,  we are supposed to take care of them instead of making them a place of turmoil and grief. This body is a tool and instrument of making the most of our lives and as they say we must feed the divine in us rather than the evil temptation of the mind.

Reason #2 You take on to the suffering and pain of the killed animals

This is the main reason why going vegan or vegetarian is the first step to spirituality. When creatures are slaughtered and killed they go through pain and suffering. Animals have five senses and they can see and feel what is happening to them. They go through the whole process of leaving their souls for you to eat their bodies. Stress, fear and pain when animals are being slaughtered or waiting to be slaughtered results in several disease processes in the humans which eat the meat. Most notable are cardiac problems, impotency and general fatigue.


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Reason #3 Energy and DNA gets transferred as you eat meat

This one is in co-relation with the reason number two. Spirituality, Ayurveda and yoga recognize the fact that we are energy beings and we can pick up vibrations. You feel good when you visit temples or holy places because of the higher energy present there and you feel disgusted with negative people for the same reason. So as a non-vegetarian being you pick up the vibration of animals and because they have low energy you become more violent and suffer in lack of positive energy.

Reason #4 Compassion, respect and the value of oneness

We live in a world of war and rage! The value of respecting others is fading away. The heart of compassion is closing down. With spirituality and vegetarian diet the idea is to infuse the power of compassion, to make humans respect everyone and everything. Humans are dominant creatures on this planet but do they have to use their dominance for the killing and eating of innocent animals? I guess not! For a spiritual connection you need to be grounded hence the food from the soil and you have to honor the divine in others, be it animals.

Reason #5 Psychic abilities, Intuition and Mind control

“When one becomes a vegetarian, it purifies the soul” – Isaac Bashevis Singer, Author, Nobel laureate

Human mind is very powerful and we all have the sixth sense of gauging what’s going to happen or what’s right and wrong for us. As non vegetarians we keep ourselves stuck in low energy patterns and toxic energy fields. For you to access your psychic abilities, to deeply get into a meditative trance or to harness your intuition you need to be on a plant based diet. Creative expression, inner joy and intelligence can then be fully attainable.

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1 thought on “Why Spirituality Endorses Vegetarian Diet?”

  • Albert Einstein was a veg only for the last some years of his life.

    Besides there is a fact that most of the Nobel Prize winner were Non-Veg. Some ppl believe that the protein required for brain development is found more in Non veg
    I have read There had been some Saints in Hinduism, who were non veg.
    If we talk about Yoga, take the example of something opposite “Tantra”, Its followers are Non Veg and they are also spiritual people.
    And again, we Vegetarian people find Non Veg eating as Murder, but there are some communities(Perhaps in Christianity, Not sure) who don’t drink Cow’s milk for the same reason that Its made of White blood cells of BLOOD.
    –> And I am writing this not to prove my knowledge, but to listen some facts that I am not aware about.
    A Healthy Debate 🙂

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