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Yoga Diaries: Soul Sweat Yoga Classes In South Delhi

Yoga Diaries: Soul Sweat Yoga Classes In South Delhi

Imagine you are flying a kite and that colorful kite is your monkey mind; the one that flutters here and there and takes you in different directions, the thread that connects your physical body i.e. your hands to that kite far away is your breath. Now, if you can master these three major components your body + mind + breath and balance them properly; you can wonderfully anchor your life and get your kite soaring up high and enjoy the process with complete fun and exuberance. But because of the high pace conflict of social images and not-so passionate surviving choices, we are letting that monkey-mind do its own thing and leave us in the state of utter stress, depression, heart-ache, physical diseases and a bland life of unhealthy, unhappy and uninspiring realities.

The only means that can help us to reroute and redirect our lives to more happiness and inner peace is the beautiful and ancient science of YOGA. I cannot emphasize enough how uplifting this practice can be. It can heal your body, ease your mental chaos and take you beyond your little world to help you experience the real self and work on your highest potential.

In this quest and journey of yoga, I have recently discovered Soul Sweat Yoga Classes in South Delhi which not only sounds fun but provides you with a backpack of tools you can implement in your daily life. Curated by Mehak Puri and Aashish Nanda, Soul Sweat Sessions can be taken in Yellow Butterfly Yoga & Beyond Yoga Studio in GK- 2. The studio is located in the tranquil space of Arya Smaj Mandir with lush greenery all around that will transport you to Rishikesh instantly and peaceful vibes welcoming you with open arms.

Mehak and Aashish are lifestyle transformation facilitators who will hold space for you and allow you to collect yourself in the most humble and compassionate ways. Their classes carry no structure or order because they believe in giving personalized and customized consultations to everyone who walks in their studio despite the age group, which in my opinion is very unique. They both have adept skills and expertise in yogic techniques like Asana, Breathwork, Calisthenics, Mindfulness Meditation and other healing modalities like Karmic Healing, NLP, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis and related therapies. They embrace the fact that every individual has a unique journey and they assist accordingly and help them pick the pace from where they are. They have helped various people release their old beliefs, gain physical strength, work on toning their bodies or swiftly drift away from depression or emotional traumas. In her own words, Mehak states that “Soul Sweat by Yellow Butterfly Yoga & Beyond is an initiative to share this conscious journey from self-acceptance to lifestyle correction to ongoing evolution and Aashish believes that Soul Sweat Yoga is a ‘yoga mat’ simulation of the way we live our lives. “

yoga classes in south delhi
Yellow Butterfly Yoga & Beyond Studio in GK – 2, New Delhi

Their sessions have a very radical approach with the amalgamation of body movement, breath-work and other healing techniques to improve the physical, emotional and psychological energy levels. So, if you are really sincere about enhancing your life and living the yoga in your day-to-day routine then definitely check them out below –


Facebook Link

Address – Arya Samaj Mandir

GK -2. New Delhi – 48

Contact –  9818230260 / 9818228020

(Thanks Yellow Butterfly Yoga & Beyond for partnering in this post)



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